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1.5T & 3T

Imaging Coils

The HC150 (1.5T) and HC300 (3T) are flexible, intraoperative imaging coils designed for diagnostic-quality MR imaging of the head. The coil set includes an anterior and a posterior section, each with 4 channels for a total of 8 channels when used together. The coils adjust to fit pediatric and adult patients in prone, lateral, and supine positions. Both the top and bottom Flex Coils may be used in conjunction with the HFD100 Head Fixation Device

Related PRoducts

ORT-400 Neurosurgical Table

The ORT-400 Neurosurgical Table is MR-conditional and designed specifically for optimal patient positioning and intraoperative imaging in a hybrid operating room. The OR table integrates with the IMRIS Head Fixation portfolio.

Horseshoe Headrest System

Enables surgeons to position a patient without using a rigid head fixation device. Designed for use with head sizes ranging from pediatric to adult-sized patients.