Horseshoe Headrest

Horseshoe Headrest Starter Kit

Horseshoe Headrest System

The IMRIS Horseshoe Headrest System enables surgeons to position a patient without using a rigid head fixation device. Designed for use with head sizes ranging from neonatal to adult-sized patients, the Horseshoe Headrest comes with a pediatric set of pads and adult set of pads.

Intraoperative imaging workflow is streamlined through use of the IMRIS InSitu Wireless Coil, which can be inserted into the lower coil holder of the Horseshoe Headrest and provides maximum access to the surgical site.

Manufactured and supplied by IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging, Inc.

Included in the Horseshoe Headrest System:

  • Horseshoe Headrest Assembly
  • Neonatal Pad Set
  • Adult Pad Set

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