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Surgical Outcomes

Hospitals today strive for the best surgical outcomes. IMRIS plays a crucial role in helping to deliver on this goal by enabling MRI visualization on demand. The InVision Operating Suite provides the images that can help confirm results while the patient is still on the OR table and reduce the possibility of having to revisit that table.

With integrated tools and technology specifically for neurosurgical applications, the InVision Operating Suite will allow the surgical team to position the patient optimally for the procedure. Once positioned, the patient will never need to be moved for scanning – before, during or after a procedure.



There is a significant body of clinical publications supporting the surgical benefits of iMRI in neurosurgery. The IMRIS Operating Suite has been used to support many studies involving iMRI. This website provides links to publications and case reports that describe results using IMRIS iMRI in neurosurgery.

Surgeons achieved a 28-point increase in the percentage of patients with gross/total resection when iMRI was used.1-2

In 40% of all cases, the surgeon modified the procedure based on the findings of iMRI – information that would not have been available until post-procedure.1

In 53% of glioma cases, the surgeon resected additional tumor that was identified using iMRI.3