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MRI Conditional

Horseshoe Headrest System

The IMRIS Horseshoe Headrest System enables surgeons to position a patient without using a rigid head fixation device. Designed for use with head sizes ranging from pediatric to adult-sized patients, the Horseshoe Headrest comes with a pediatric set of pads and adult set of pads.

Included in the Horseshoe Headrest System:

  • Horseshoe Headrest Assembly
  • Pediatric Pad Set
  • Adult Pad Set

*Horseshoe headrest system is shown mounted to the HFD100 linkage and table adaptor which is not included with the Horseshoe Headrest system.

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Adult and Pediatric Horseshoe Replacement Pad Sets

Each come as a set of five pads in the Horseshoe Headrest Pad Set (pediatric and adult). They provide cushion and added stability for the patient’s head without having to pin the patient’s head in place.