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Intraoperative MRI

Value in Neurosurgery

“I think it’s appropriate to think about IMRIS and intraoperative imaging as the centerpiece of a platform to leverage all of the technologies that exist and put them to best use on behalf of our patients with neurological disorders.”
William Curry, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Moving the MRI to the patient provides surgeons greater precision and accuracy in MR imaging, reducing the likelihood for additional operations or possible complications associated with moving a patient.

Intraoperative MR images inform and guide neurosurgeons through the detailed assessment of a variety of conditions while performing life-changing procedures such as tumor resection.

"We can now see how a patient's surgery is going to affect the outcome rather than see how the surgery went and accept the outcome."
Harry van Loveren, MD
USF Health, Morsani College of Medicine
"I think IMRIS could be at the forefront not only of surgical imaging but also imaging critical to the future of neurosurgery."
Richard Bucholz, MD
Dept. of Neurosurgery, Saint Louis University Hospital

IMRIS provides the only iMRI System in the world that travels on a ceiling-mounted rail system between a diagnostic room and adjacent operating rooms, bringing the MRI directly to the patient.