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Program Management

With comprehensive program management, we handle the countless variables that emerge when installing high technology equipment into a hospital environment. We’ve streamlined the installation process, overseeing each step in the project and consolidating the construction – from equipment delivery to rigging and installation.

As with all construction projects, our customers face numerous decisions and challenges that are not easily solved. We work with your facility to understand your goals, address your needs and remove any obstacles, providing a seamless execution of your IMRIS Operating Suite.

We work collaboratively with hospital architects and general contractors to create a timeline that integrates with your schedule. We stay in close contact with your clinical staff to reduce scheduling interruptions. We do all of this to provide the level of expertise that our customers expect.

Phase I: Planning
  • Project is launched
  • Technical requirement drawings provided to customer
  • Infrastructure drawings created with clinical oversight
  • Final architectural design, sign-off, and structural review
  • Installation planning
Phase II: Execution
  • Installation of rails, RF shielding, the magnet mover and other InVision systems including imaging modalities
Phase III: Commissioning
  • System testing completed
  • Surgical suite ready for clinical use
Coordination | Communication | Collaboration

An IMRIS program manager will coordinate the details during the phases of your project, and a clinical applications specialist with extensive knowledge of intraoperative imaging and operating room workflows will guide you through the planning. Our professionals will be your direct line of communication to ensure continuous collaboration during every step of the process. We will work around your schedule to minimize or downtime while your new IMRIS Operating Suite is under construction.