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InVision Operating Suite

IMRIS intraoperative MRI


IMRIS custom designs innovative intraoperative MRI systems specifically for imaging during neurosurgical procedures. An IMRIS InVision Operating Suite helps deliver timely information to clinicians providing real-time visualization to assist in decision-making and enhance precision in treatment.

It is estimated that over 70,000 patients worldwide have benefited from image-guided therapy solutions integrated into the InVision Operating Suite. Through strong industry partnerships IMRIS continues to integrate new imaging technologies and shape the future of neurosurgery in operating rooms worldwide.

The IMRIS InVision Operating Suite is a ceiling-mounted iMRI System specifically designed for imaging during surgical procedures in a multi-room operating suite. It is the only iMRI System in the world with a magnet that travels on a ceiling-mounted rail system between the diagnostic room and adjacent operating rooms, bringing the magnet directly to the patient. Electric motors provide the linear and rotational movements controlled by the operator using a control pad or a hand-held pendant, which are affixed to the side of the magnet.

From start to finish, our comprehensive team of program managers, Operating room designers and clinical application specialists will collaborate with you to design and install your InVision Surgical Theatre. Our comprehensive services include:

Increased surgical precision

Reduction in second surgeries

Reduction in post-surgical MRI reported