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Surgical Table

Designed in collaboration with Baxter-Hillrom, the ORT-400 Neurosurgical Table is MR-conditional and was designed specifically for optimal patient positioning and intraoperative imaging in a operating room. The ORT-400 Neurosurgical Table integrates with the IMRIS Head Fixation device and other MR-conditional products.

  • MR Neuro Tabletop: The MR Neuro Tabletop is a surgical imaging MR conditional tabletop designed for neurosurgical applications in the IMRIS Suite.

Optional non-MR conditional tabletops include the U24 and U26 Tabletops. All tabletops are interchangeable with the Baxter-Hillrom TruSystem® 7500 column.

Included with the ORT-400 Neurosurgical Table:

  • MR Neuro Tabletop
  • TruSystem® 7500 column
  • Table Installation and Program Management

*HFD100 head fixation device shown not included with the ORT-400 surgical table

Related Products

HFD100 Head Fixation Device

Is an MR-conditional head positioning system for intraoperative imagining, designed to mount securely to IMRIS Surgical Tables.

Horseshoe Headrest System

Enables surgeons to position a patient without using a rigid head fixation device. Designed for use with head sizes ranging from pediatric to adult-sized patients.

HFD100 Linkage Extension

The HDF100 Linkage Extension can be added to the Transitional Member on the IMRIS Skull Clamp known as the HFD100 Head Fixation Device. It provides an additional 7.5 cm of length in the linkage for positioning the patient’s head.

HFD100 Rocker Arm Accessory

Allows for 6 different pinning configurations when used with the HFD100 Head Fixation Device. It also offers 4-pin fixation, so the skull clamp pressure is spread across an additional point.

HFD100 Starburst Adapter Accessory

Enables third party devices with a standard starburst connector to mount securely to the HFD100 Head Fixation Device.

MR Neuro Accessory Adaptor

The MR Neuro Accessory Adaptor (shown in red) allows the table to mount to non-MR compatible, 3rd party accessories when MR imaging is not part of a procedure.