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MR17 Surgical Table

MR17 Neurosurgical Table

In collaboration with Hillrom™, the MR17 Neurosurgical Table is MR-conditional and was designed specifically for optimal patient positioning and intraoperative imaging in a hybrid operating room. The MR17 Neurosurgical Table integrates with the IMRIS Head Fixation portfolio and other MR-conditional products. The U24 Tabletop, U26 Tabletop, and the MR Neuro Tabletop are interchangeable with the Hillrom™ TruSystem® 7500 column.

Manufactured by Hillrom™. Supplied by IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging, Inc.

Included with the MR17 Neurosurgical Table:

  • MR Neuro Tabletop
  • TruSystem® 7500 column
  • Table Installation and Program Management

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