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A Scalable Solution


Designing your IMRIS Operating Suite is a highly consultative process, resulting in a one-of-a-kind suite of fully integrated neurosurgical products supported by our customer service and clinical applications teams.

Our customers are often faced with numerous challenges that are not easily solved. We start by learning about your goals and preferences, as well as the obstacles. Then we bring the key stakeholders together to reach a consensus on the collective goals.

With a single scanner for diagnostic and intraoperative imaging, and a technology platform that enables many other neurosurgical procedures, the IMRIS Operating Suite is a scalable solution for a wide range of imaging modalities and clinical applications.

A two-room configuration consists of a diagnostic room and an operating room. A three-room configuration consists of an operating room, a diagnostic room, and a second operating room. All IMRIS suites come with a control room.

From start to finish, our comprehensive team of Program Managers, OR Designers and Clinical Applications Specialists will collaborate with you to design, install, and integrate your preferred products into your IMRIS Operating Suite. 

We design IMRIS Operating Suites to help maintain sterility. Whether it’s during surgery or imaging, an “air curtain” always surrounds the patient on the OR table. Meanwhile, positive air-pressure and minimized mixing of room and supply-air helps to maintain the sterile environment.