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Intraoperative MRI

IMRIS Solutions

The IMRIS InVision Surgical Theatre is a ceiling-mounted iMRI System specifically for imaging during surgical procedures in a multi-room operating suite. It is the only iMRI System in the world with a magnet that travels on a ceiling-mounted rail system between the diagnostic room and adjacent operating rooms, bringing the magnet directly to the patient. The IMRIS Magnet Mover is a key component of the iMRI System. It consists of a set of ceiling-mounted rails which enable the magnet to move between rooms of the hybrid operating suite. Electric motors provide the linear and rotational movements controlled by the operator using a control pad or a hand-held pendant, which are affixed to the side of the magnet. With integrated tools and technology specifically for neurosurgical applications, the IMRIS Surgical Theatre will allow a surgical team to position the patient optimally for the procedure. Once positioned, the patient will never need to be moved for scanning – before, during or after a procedure.

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