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Clinical Report


Dr. Bainan Xu, Professor and Chair, Department of Neurosurgery
General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army (Hospital 301)
Beijing, China

PATIENT INFO: 51 year-old male experiencing headaches for over two months

SUMMARY: At time of surgery, tumor was easily identified but tumor tissue was very similar to brain tissue. Two intraoperative scans were performed, both showing residual tumor. Resection continued after both scans. The postoperative result was gross total removal of a low grade glioma. Patient had complication of loculated ventricle and had endoscopic fenestration of the ventricle several months later. Two years after surgery, patient was normal and off medication with no seizures and no residual tumor.
Total resection of the tumor at one time would not have been possible without iMRI, and would have required several surgeries to accomplish similar results. iMRI provided immediate feedback to verify that the lesion was entirely removed.