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IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging Receives FDA Clearance for the InVision™ 1.5 Surgical Theatre

Chaska, MN – February 21, 2024 – IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging, the global leader in intraoperative imaging, announced that the company has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the new InVision 1.5 Surgical Theatre, a ceiling-mounted intraoperative MRI system specifically designed for imaging during surgical procedures in a multi-room operating suite. This newest technology is a 1.5T system that provides high quality imaging for neurosurgical applications.

“We’re excited to receive regulatory clearance for commercialization of our InVision 1.5 Surgical Theatre,” said IMRIS CEO Marc Buntaine. “IMRIS continues to innovate and provide intraoperative imaging solutions that support the clinical needs of hospitals and doctors that treat neurological disorders. This new InVision system further expands and complements the IMRIS product portfolio by offering the latest innovations in 1.5T MRI.”

IMRIS custom designs innovative intraoperative MRI systems specifically for imaging during neurosurgical procedures. An IMRIS InVision Surgical Theatre helps deliver timely information to clinicians, providing real-time visualization to assist in decision-making and enhance precision in treatment.

About IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging

As a leader in image guidance solutions, IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging provides optimized, fully integrated image-guided therapy environments that address the important needs of patients, clinicians, and hospitals by delivering timely MRI and imaging data to clinicians for use during surgical or interventional procedures. The IMRIS Surgical Theatre enables intraoperative imaging directly within operating rooms. The Company also designs and manufactures proprietary head fixation devices, imaging coils and OR tables for use in this unique and multifunctional intraoperative environment. IMRIS products are sold globally to clinical centers in the neurosurgical, spinal, cardiovascular and orthopedic markets. Over 70,000 patients have benefited from lifesaving or life-extending procedures performed in an IMRIS Surgical Theatre in the past 17 years. Additional information about IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging is available at

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Alan Weinberg
VP, Marketing and Product Management