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The IMRIS research and development team received US Patent approval for a Transmit/Receive Head Coil with a wireless component (e.g. IMRIS InSitu Coil) used for pre-, intra- and post-operative use.

The awarded patent is a symbol of the team’s hard work and the company’s commitment to creating innovative technologies for the advancement of neurosurgery. IMRIS is thrilled to celebrate this achievement with their employees, partners and customers.

Transmit/Receive Head Coil for Intraoperative MRI
Transmit/Receive Head Coil for Intraoperative MRI


The idea for this patent was based on a customer need. The desire was to have an imaging coil to operate both as an RF transmitter (e.g., to deliver RF pulse sequences for MRI imaging) and an RF receiver (e.g., to receive signals elicited by RF pulse sequences), while providing access for a variety of diagnostic or therapeutic procedures and while maintaining the integrity of a sterile field. The novel design also allows for navigation to a surgical access site without requiring repositioning or the removal of the transceiver coil arrangement, preserving the sterile field and facilitating imaging before, during and after surgery.

The transmit/receive head coil may allow more patients under more conditions to receive intraoperative MRI. This innovative transmit/receive head coil with a sterile wireless component will facilitate magnetic-resonance-guided or MR-guided procedures including, but not limited to; sterotactic surgery, radiotherapy, laser ablation, and robotic-assisted neurosurgical procedures.

“The patent gives IMRIS sole rights to create intraoperative transmit-receive imaging systems with wireless elements. It is a great example of how IMRIS takes two very different and incompatible environments, and through clever engineering, creates a solution that merges the two without compromising features or functionality from either,” said Peter Simpson, IMRIS, SVP of Research and Engineering.

The US patent was granted on November 26, 2019. As IMRIS looks to the future, the team will continue to advocate for technologies to improve patient outcomes.


As a leader in image guided therapy solutions, IMRIS is focused on helping our customers navigate the complexities associated with designing and installing the most innovative hybrid operating suites. With over 75 installations world-wide, IMRIS partners with leading hospitals to optimized workflow for surgeons, maximum value for hospitals and to create an environment that could provide better outcomes for patients.

IMRIS will continue to integrate new intraoperative imaging technologies and shape the future of neurosurgery in hybrid operating rooms worldwide. For more information, call 763.203.6300 or visit


Kelly Martin
Marketing Coordinator
IMRIS, Deerfield Imaging, Inc.

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