Introducing: Premium Clinical Support

Clinical Support
The hybrid surgical environment is evolving. Now, clinical support is evolving with it.
Introducing IMRIS’ new Premium Clinical Support, the industry’s most comprehensive intraoperative support solution.
We are a highly experienced team of clinical application specialists, leveraging our ‘hybrid’ expertise of both imaging modalities and surgical environments to elevate not only the medical experience… but the human experience.


We help introduce new technologies into your specific workflow, including intraoperative MRI, CT and Angio.

As the medical world evolves and disruptive innovations emerge, we leverage our knowledge of your specific workflow to integrate groundbreaking technologies into your hybrid surgical theatre.

 IMRIS Clinical Application Specialists


We educate clinical staff on intraoperative safety, best practices, equipment-usage, and clinical workflow efficiencies.

Surgeons, anesthesiologists, perioperative nurses and other clinical staff can benefit from our custom, comprehensive program, which includes:

  • Introducing staff to new technologies.

  • Establishing best practices.

  • Developing rigorous safety protocols.

  • Optimizing workflow efficiency.

  • Maintaining sterile fields during imaging.


real-time consulting surgery


We provide real-time consulting during procedures.

Our clinical application specialists often consult surgical teams during operations, leveraging our ‘hybrid’ skillset to implement intraoperative imaging in real-time surgical situations.


We maximize surgical time with a robust clinical support team.

IMRIS offers comprehensive technical support – available at all times to resolve technical issues and maximize the use of your hybrid IMRIS Surgical Theatre.