Intraoperative Accessories

for a complete image-guided therapy solution

Designed for surgeons.

Optimized for workflow.

Created for patients.

Our complete line of intraoperative imaging-compatible accessories is crafted exclusively for the hybrid IMRIS Surgical Theatre. When integrated into the surgical environment and harmonized with the clinical team’s unique workflow, these technologies elevate not only the medical experience… but the human experience.

The IMRIS MR Neurosurgical Table

A pivotal evolution of surgical table design.

Featuring the IMRIS MR Neuro Tabletop and the Trumpf Medical TruSystem 7500, the IMRIS Neurosurgical Table is designed for the future of hybrid surgery.

  • Segmented for optimal patient positioning.
  • MR-Conditional for intraoperative imaging access.
  • Fully Integrated with the IMRIS Head Fixation portfolio and other accessories.
  • Flexible with interchangeable tabletops & multifunctional design for multidisciplinary use.
  • Supported by a robust team of IMRIS consultants.

Wireless Imaging Coil

The IMRIS Wireless InSitu Coil is a low profile, flexible receive coil which can be placed directly over the surgical site and is ideal for use with laser ablation procedures. Its design allows for optimal imaging distance from the patient with minimal encroachment on the workspace. The Wireless InSitu Coil is designed to be used in conjunction with the IMRIS Intraoperative Imaging Coils, and can be inserted directly in the IMRIS Horseshoe Headrest while still enabling access to the patient’s airway. It is provided sterile and is for single use only.

Intraoperative Two-Piece Imaging Coils (For Head and Upper C-spine)

The IMRIS two-piece imaging coils are specifically designed for use in the intraoperative environment, delivering MR images with exquisite quality. Signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) are enhanced by the ability to position the flexible posterior and anterior coil elements close to the patient’s anatomy – independent of the angle of the Head Fixation Device.

The flexible two-piece design provides the clinician full accessibility during the procedure. The posterior piece of the coil conforms to the Head Fixation Device, and can be left in position throughout the procedure. The anterior piece conforms to the patient’s head, and can be easily positioned and removed at any time, streamlining the transition between surgery and imaging. IMRIS Intraoperative Imaging Coils are easy to handle and adjust to fit a wide range of pediatric and adult patients in prone, lateral, and supine positions.

Head Fixation Devices

IMRIS Head Fixation Devices (HFDs) are designed to limit patient movement during the procedure and to enable optimal patient positioning for surgical access and intraoperative scanning. The three piece design of the HFD – with table mount, linkage system, and skull clamp – enables the surgeon to place the patient in the desired prone, supine, or lateral position, and then set and maintain the patient’s head in that desired position. In the prone position, the surgeon can position the patient’s head lower than the level of the table while maintaining proper position for scanning. IMRIS HFDs are constructed of robust, MR-safe materials that provide stability and durability for a wide range of adult and pediatric patients using MR, CT, and X-ray imaging.

Horseshoe Headrest System

The IMRIS Horseshoe Headrest enables surgeons to position a patient without using a rigid head fixation device. Designed for use with head sizes ranging from neonatal to adult-sized patients, it is the only non-pinned headrest on the market that is both MR-safe and CT-compatible. Imaging workflow is streamlined through use of the IMRIS InSitu wireless coil.


As the clinical team prepares to take an intraoperative image, the IMRISeye ensures the patient and any attached devices (such as HFDs) will fit within the imaging system. The device is designed to match the exact profile of IMRIS’ iMRI and iCT systems.

Crafted exclusively for the hybrid IMRIS Surgical Theatre, the IMRISeye is an intraoperative imaging solution that streamlines clinical workflow and keeps patients safe.