At IMRIS, we provide the expertise to guide you through the journey of designing your IMRIS Surgical Theatre. From start to finish, our architects, engineers, program managers, and clinical specialists will collaborate with hospital staff and administration to deliver an integrated surgical suite.

Each IMRIS Surgical Theatre is one-of-a-kind, and is designed per our consultation with the customer. Our approach is unique, and our process is second to none. Our goal is to develop a custom intraoperative solution that meets your objectives. The right intraoperative solution elevates not only the medical experience, but the human experience. At IMRIS, it is our mission to provide that solution.

IMRIS provides a comprehensive team of architects, engineers, program managers, and clinical specialists to work on your project. They will help you select the ideal fit, form, and function of your IMRIS Surgical Theatre, and to integrate the entire system into your facility.

Project Collaboration
Our customers are often faced with numerous challenges that are not easily solved. To address their needs, we learn the goals of the project, the obstacles, and our customers’ preferences. We work collaboratively with hospital administrators, architects, and general contractors to create a schedule that integrates with your timeline. Your current clinical workflow is also carefully considered as we optimize and integrate it with the new workflow.

Direct Communication
An IMRIS Program Manager will coordinate the details during every phase of your project, and a clinical specialist with extensive knowledge of intra-operative imaging and operating room workflows, will guide you through the planning and execution. Our professionals will be your direct line of communication to ensure continuous collaboration with your team during every step of the process.

Streamlined Construction
We will streamline the construction experience, consolidating steps as much as possible, from rigging and installation to project management. We integrate all of these components to efficiently work in this environment. Our experience enables us to anticipate the needs that might arise during the construction process so the project remains on schedule and on budget. We will work around your schedule to minimize downtime while your new theatre is under construction.



“Finding a Solution as Unique as You.”

The Challenge

We were working with a medical group to bring intraoperative imaging to several of their surgical theatres. They’re one of the world’s premier neurological institutions. So, for their patients and their surgeons, this was the natural next step.

The initial plan was to install 2 hybrid IMRIS Surgical Theatres, each with the ‘movable’ iMRI, which their lead neurosurgeon was championing. But, after reviewing their space, taking into account the requirements of the Theatre, we found that one of the spaces couldn’t support the moveable component, for structural reason.

The Solution

We didn’t let that get in the way of their goals. We worked with the client to bring the movable solution to one hospital and a state-of-the-art fixed solution to the other. We provided design and installation services for each site; and now, we’re engaged in a long-term Premium Clinical Support contract for both the fixed and the movable Theatres.

The real value of IMRIS is our leadership – and the personal attention we give to each client. We take a comprehensive approach, an approach that’s as unique as the hospital and the people within it.

We aren’t just making a surgical theatre; we’re looking at your specific needs and tailoring a solution that meets them.



Every institution has a specific set of goals: to maximize return-on-investment, to perform new procedures, to attract new patients, to improve outcomes, to establish your institution as a groundbreaking leader of the industry.

As your partner, our mission is to help you reach those goals.

We start by outlining your objectives, bringing all the stakeholders to a consensus. Then, once we agree on our collective goals, we leverage our unparalleled intraoperative imaging experience to determine a solution that satisfies them all.



Through the combined efforts of IMRIS’ Program Managers, Customer Engineering, and the Clinical Applications teams, we customize all aspects of the project to provide you the highest quality customer experience. During construction, we leverage our expertise to recommend equipment and room designs that maximize the value of your hybrid IMRIS Surgical Theatre.

Our consultation services include:

  • Case observation and feedback
  • Infection prevention and control meetings
  • Clinical workflow design review
  • Preliminary site evaluation
  • Equipment consultation and planning
  • Preliminary safety checklists
  • Verification of customer and vendor designs



The primary objective of the initial consultation is to outline your institutional goals, and then to determine the best technologies and solutions to make those goals a reality.

Once we have your goals outlined, we focus on the details:

  • What sort of imaging modalities will we integrate into your IMRIS Surgical Theatre?
  • Where do we have space to install it?
  • What departments surround this space, and how could they interfere with/be interfered by the magnetic field? How can we eliminate this interference?
  • How can radiology capitalize on the investment?
  • What’s the right room configuration?
  • What’s the best location for patient-flow?
  • Is IMRIS’ signature ceiling-mounted, moving iMRI the right solution?
  • Should we explore a fixed option?



By determining the right location, the optimal configuration, and the overall feasibility of your Surgical Theatre for today and for the future, we can maximize your return-on-investment.



IMRIS has relationships with the industry’s premier technology providers, including Siemens Healthineers, Hill-Rom’s Trumpf Medical, Medtronic and many more. As we consult with your institution, we leverage these partnerships to bring technology to your surgical environment that others couldn’t – with a comprehensive level of clinical support only possible with IMRIS.



Through every stage of our process – from initial consultation and design, to creation and ongoing support – we always consider the needs of the department and the institution… not only for today, but for the future. This future-minded attitude is integral to our consultation phase, as elements like projected patient-volume and shifting industry dynamics influence our every recommendation.