Outcomes For Patients

Solutions that increase safety, reduce risk and improve outcomes, while bringing confidence to patients’ families. That’s how we elevate the human experience.

the moving iMRI:
visionary. transcendent. human.

Located at the center of The IMRIS Surgical Theatre, the moving iMRI is changing outcomes for patients all over the world.

  • reduced risk for infection
    Rather than moving the patient to a fixed MRI – exposing them to safety risks – the moving iMRI moves to the patient.
  • reduced need for follow-up procedures
    In traditional neurosurgery, the surgeon must wait hours, sometimes days to see the extent of resection. This could mean an additional procedure for the patient, exposing them to the risk of another operation. No longer. The moving iMRI eliminates the delay, creating diagnostic-quality scans during the operation without ever moving the patient.
  • improved patient outcomes
    The higher the extent of resection, the higher the overall survival rate. And with the intraoperative MRI, surgeons have achieved a 30-point increase in the percentage of patients with gross/total resection. 1,2,7,10

the Human Experience

A patient is never just a patient. They are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. Artists, dreamers, families. They are the inspiration. They are the outcome. They… are human.

At IMRIS, we know that the outcome is always human. And as we craft the world’s most advanced operating theatre, we bring together ideas and technology that empower surgeons to help their patients.

In ways that, until now, were beyond possibility.