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The health and safety of IMRIS’ customers, employees, and business partners is our primary concern. In light of global precautions for the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and building upon recommendations from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), IMRIS is adopting new and indefinite travel policies.

In attempts to prevent exposure to and spread of COVID-19, we have implemented travel restrictions starting immediately and until further notice. Of primary concern to you, all customer visits to areas impacted by the virus will be sharply curtailed to customer-critical situations. All non-essential preventive maintenance and clinical visits to these regions will be postponed indefinitely. IMRIS may allow its employees to travel to areas with confirmed cases in customer down/non-operational situations; decisions will be based on case-by-case need. IMRIS will employ best reasonable efforts to provide service and support as usual to customers in areas that are not impacted by the Coronavirus. Additionally, IMRIS is suspending all non-essential domestic and international travel for internal meetings and for participation in external events; virtual methods will be practiced when possible.

As you are aware, the global supply chain has been impacted due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We anticipate reduction in delivery reliability in the short to mid-term. IMRIS remains committed to providing the best possible service and support that our customers would expect throughout this situation.

In addition to ensuring the safety and wellness of our employees, IMRIS has been reviewing its business continuity plans and has established a team that is working to determine the appropriate measures which should be taken during this event.

We realize this situation remains very dynamic; we will continue to closely monitor developments with respect to the COVID-19 and areas recommended for travel avoidance. If you have questions or concerns regarding this message please contact IMRIS at (763) 203-6300 (option 1) or

IMRIS is keeping our healthcare providers, worldwide communities, and those directly affected by this virus in our thoughts.