AANS 2018: The Top 3 Questions on People’s Minds


At this year’s biggest neurosurgery conference, the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting, more than 3,000 neurosurgeons, innovators and industry leaders gathered in New Orleans to determine the future of neurosurgery.

From the utility of big data to the evolution of the hybrid OR, these innovators answered some of today’s most challenging questions… and offered even more.


Following AANS, these are the top 3 neurosurgery questions on people’s minds:



IMRIS is determined to be a leading innovator in neurosurgery-specific information technology. We connect neurosurgeons with actionable data insights, further empowering them during procedures using intraoperative imaging. Now, we’re developing the first clinical and research data-management software tailored to the neurosurgery community.

Medical disciplines are beginning to harness the power of data. Now, that trend has reached neurosurgery. At AANS 2018, one of the biggest questions was:

How are industry leaders aggregating both big data and individual patient information, and implementing it into neurosurgical workflows?



Leading innovators are redefining the patient experience – driving further innovation and unexpected collaboration. Lower risk, higher confidence and quicker recovery times are the pillars of the modern patient experience. At AANS 2018, industry leaders showcased new technologies that tap into the potential of intraoperative imaging, taking the patient experience to the next level.

Developed in close collaboration with clinicians and engineers from IMRIS and Hill-Rom’s Trumpf Medical, the IMRIS MR Neurosurgical Table is the first MR-conditional table system designed specifically for the hybrid OR environment.


IMRIS’ Premium Clinical Support marks an evolution of customer service. Combining deep knowledge of intraoperative imaging with their clinical expertise, the team provides a comprehensive suite of educational, clinical, and workflow-migration services for IMRIS customers.



IMRIS is collaborating with leading intraoperative innovators, connecting technology & design into cohesive systems powered by research data & clinical information. Together, we’re bringing harmony to the hybrid OR.

The modern hybrid surgical theatre – which incorporates imaging modalities like MRI, CT and Angio – is a symphony of technology and design. It’s the future of neurosurgery, empowering surgeons to achieve better outcomes and perform minimally invasive procedures via intraoperative imaging. However, to drive better outcomes and elevate the surgical experience, the hybrid theatre requires the integration of many different technologies…and finding harmony among them is both essential to the theatre’s efficacy and it is deeply challenging.

At this year’s AANS conference, IMRIS emerged as an industry aggregator. We’re not focused on a single technology; instead, we’re partnering with industry leaders to elevate the hybrid environment as a whole system, connecting disparate technologies and harnessing the potential of the information flowing within them.

While AANS offered many new questions, it’s clear that not only innovation, but collaboration, is essential to determining the answers and providing solutions. IMRIS is committed to forging these collaborations and driving patient-centric innovation – for the future of neurosurgery and the future of the patient experience.

To catch a glimpse of the future of neurosurgery, take a tour of the IMRIS Surgical Theatre, the world’s most advanced hybrid OR experience.