Our Process

Consult. Design.
Create. Support.

Elevating the human experience means optimizing workflow for surgeons, improving outcomes for patients and maximizing value for hospitals. Here’s how our consultants, architects and visionaries bring your life-changing Theatre to life.


Our consultants work with your hospital and leading technology providers to find an OR solution that maximizes the value of your system. By bringing together ideas and technology from the industry’s best, we harmonize the Surgical Theatre with the needs of your patients, your clinicians and your hospital.


Our team of architects tailor every component of your IMRIS Surgical Theatre to optimize workflow & patient-flow. Throughout this stage, we work closely with clinical teams and administrators to maximize the value of your system.


Our engineers bring together the medical industry’s greatest technologies and minds to create an unparalleled operative experience: The IMRIS Surgical Theatre.


We stay in contact with both physicians and hospital administrators to support & evolve your system. But we do more. As your hospital’s partner in medical innovation, we go beyond standard support to provide exclusive, groundbreaking technologies – elevating your status as the industry leader.