Value for Hospitals

Join the visionaries of IMRIS. And establish your institution as the leader of medical innovation, surgical prestige and patient care.

Be the Future of Health

Creating an intraoperative MRI solution requires a highly specific set of skills and a deep pool of knowledge. It’s a task that calls for equal-parts craft and service; an unprecedented balance of consulting and support; as well as a team of individuals who have both the rare depth of expertise it takes to find the answer… and the attentiveness to listen to the client’s needs.

At IMRIS, we have brought together this breadth of skills in a single, cohesive service – something the medical industry has never seen.

However, we know that our mission requires more than the right talent…

partner with the visionaries

As we consider every decision, from specific design to the location of your Theatre, we are driven by a factor that cannot be found on a blueprint. We are driven by those who will benefit from our work – the surgeons, the patients, the leaders of the institution.

We are driven by the human experience.

Perform the Unprecedented

With intraoperative imaging technology, your surgical teams will be capable of performing groundbreaking, minimally invasive procedures, including:

  • Tissue sparing access to tumors
  • Thermal ablation
  • Drug delivery
  • Asleep DBS lead placement
  • “In bore” procedures

Grow Your Prestige

When you partner with IMRIS, you join a collective vision.

You connect with the top tier of medical technology, a network of the most respected innovators within and beyond the operating room. Together, we elevate your hospital to the apex of medical innovation, the pinnacle of global prestige and the forefront of patient care.

When you partner with IMRIS, you become the future of health. And the future of health is human.