IMRIS offers comprehensive Customer Service to resolve technical issues and maximize the uptime of your IMRIS Hybrid Operating Suite.  When you purchase a service contract with your IMRIS Hybrid Operating Suite, you will have 24/7 technical support by phone; as well as onsite assistance provided by our Customer Service Engineers for preventative maintenance and replacement of warrantied parts.

IMRIS Customer Service includes:

  • Interfacing with hospital program managers and contractors during system installation
  • Maintaining system up-time with quick response to customer sites according to our ‘Performance Guarantee’
  • Providing planned Preventative Maintenance (PM) according to service contracts
  • Replacing warrantied parts

To connect with IMRIS Customer Service, please call +1 (866) 475-0525.




Finding a Solution as Unique as You

The Challenge

We were working with a medical group to bring intraoperative imaging to several of their surgical theatres. They’re one of the world’s premier neurological institutions. For their patients and their surgeons, this was the natural next step.

The initial plan was to install two hybrid IMRIS Hybrid Operating Suites, each with the ‘movable’ iMRI, which their lead neurosurgeon was championing. After reviewing their space, and taking into account their requirements, we found that one of the spaces couldn’t support the moveable component for structural reasons.

The Solution

We didn’t let that get in the way of their goals. We worked with the client to bring the movable solution to one hospital and a state-of-the-art fixed solution to the other. We provided design and installation services for each site; and now, we’re engaged in a long-term Clinical Support contract for both the fixed and the movable iMRI Systems.

The real value of IMRIS is our leadership – and the personal attention we give to each client. We take a comprehensive approach, an approach that’s as unique as the hospital and the people within it.

We aren’t just making hybrid operating rooms; we’re looking at your specific needs and tailoring a solution to meet them.


IMRIS is focused on enhancing our partnerships for the benefit of our shared customers. In parallel, we continue to educate and train our Customer Service team, while also training and certifying our partners to service their own products within IMRIS Hybrid Operating Suites. We are committed to empowering our employees and our partners with the necessary knowledge and expertise to support our shared customers and transforming the customer experience.


IMRIS Customer Service is increasing customer satisfaction by implementing improvements to installation procedures, creating new tools, and utilizing technologies to increase timeliness and efficiency of installations. They are increasing their interactions with Quality Assurance to improve workflow for complaint handling and other business critical processes. They are also implementing metric reporting and quality control systems for improved management of service documents and records.



Increased communication between Program Managers and Hybrid OR Designers is bringing greater efficiency to customer installations. IMRIS Hybrid OR Designers have revised their drawing templates for consistent utilization and standardization. Installation specialists are streamlining installations and service by revising their procedures and transitioning from printed documentation to an electronic method of tracking. A standardized process for Preventative Maintenance (PM) visits was also developed for earlier PM scheduling each calendar year.


IMRIS Customer Service is making enhancements to meet the demands of IMRIS’ growing customer base and to accommodate for an increase in call volume. They are partnering with IT to explore the use of system applications across the Customer Service and Clinical Applications teams, and gathering feedback to determine the best communication mechanism to efficiently manage call intake and timely resolution of customer requests. Customer support metrics are routinely monitored to ensure we are delivering on our commitment to provide outstanding support to our customers.