IMRIS Clinical Applications Specialists are experts in integrating imaging modalities in the surgical environment. This knowledge is highly valuable when the proper use of imaging modalities is critical to the safety of patients and clinical staff. IMRIS Clinical Applications Specialists often provide consultation to surgical teams during procedures, leveraging their skills to implement best practices in clinical safety during real-time surgical situations.

We integrate imaging modalities into the OR, and we train clinical staff to use them within their clinical workflows. We’re familiar with imaging in the surgical environment, and we can recommend best practices within it.

This knowledge is highly valuable during surgeries, when safe, efficient use of imaging modalities is critical to patient outcomes. Our clinical applications specialists leverage their experience and skills to implement intraoperative imaging into real-time surgical situations.

Our clinical applications team has unique ‘hybrid’ knowledge of intraoperative imaging within the surgical environment. They will help you implement best practices into your clinical workflow.

Not only do we have extensive knowledge of clinical workflow and integrating imaging technologies into the operating room, but we also have relationships with many of the world’s leading medical technology providers, giving us insight into the future of the industry.

As healthcare evolves and new medical innovations continue to emerge, we will leverage our acumen to integrate those new imaging technologies into your IMRIS Hybrid Operating Suite.




Finding Workflow Harmony

The Challenge

One of the nation’s top pediatric neurosurgeons reached out to us to help him find a more efficient and effective way to complete minimally invasive procedures in his hybrid IMRIS Hybrid Operating Suite. He had performed numerous procedures using innovative surgical modalities such as laser ablation and robotics.

Like most surgeons, his workflow was highly specific. To aid in the placement of laser ablation fibers, the surgeon brought in a new technology, the ROSA® Surgical Robot (a medtech product), which he had not previously used in his IMRIS Hybrid Operating Suite and he was concerned that it could interfere with his workflow.

The Solution

We worked with the surgeon and his staff from the very beginning. We involved everyone at key milestones, making sure every decision – from workflow specifics to the technology itself – made sense with the end goal being his surgical case.

When the date of the scheduled case arrived, he was already comfortable with the case workflow that we helped him establish. That service was carried out as part of IMRIS’ Premium Clinical Support model, which enables us to work with surgeons and OR staff before, during, and after the case to migrate workflow, train clinical staff, and consult during procedures – to help bring everything together for the best and safest possible outcome for the patient.

We adapted the environment to the surgeon’s needs, rather than the other way around. This is key when you’re introducing disruptive innovation to the OR.

– Parker Sims, Clinical Applications Specialist, IMRIS



IMRIS’ ENHANCE Program is the industry’s most comprehensive intraoperative service solution. Our highly experienced team of Clinical Applications Specialists leverage their knowledge of imaging modalities in surgical environments to support you and your clinical staff.

Following completion of iMRI System testing, your clinical staff will be trained by an IMRIS Clinical Applications Specialist on workflow and safety protocols.




Whether it’s preparing for your new hybrid IMRIS Hybrid Operating Suite, orienting clinical staff, or introducing new technologies, we provide a robust, site-specific educational program to your clinical staff that’s key to the long-term success of your IMRIS Hybrid Operating Suite.

Surgeons, anesthesiologists, perioperative nurses, and other clinical staff benefit from clinical training in the IMRIS Hybrid Operating Suite, which includes introducing clinical staff to new technologies.

  • Developing rigorous safety protocols
  • Optimizing clinical workflow efficiency

After you’ve received standard training, a dedicated Clinical Applications Specialist will be onsite periodically to support, educate, and further train your clinical staff in your IMRIS Hybrid Operating Suite. They are your resource for ongoing clinical development, MR safety, equipment usage, and optimization of clinical workflow. (Clinical Support is available only in the USA.)