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seeing is better

VISIUS Surgical Theatre is a revolutionary, multifunctional surgical environment that delivers unmatched intraoperative vision to clinicians to assist in decision-making and enhance precision in treatment.  For cranial and spinal neurosurgery, a high-field MR or multi-slice CT scanner travels into the OR on demand to provide intraoperative images of exquisite quality — without introducing additional risk to the patient — delivering real-time information to clinicians while preserving optimal surgical access and techniques. 


When a VISIUS Surgical Theatre is equipped with a ceiling-mounted MR scanner and an integrated x-ray angiography system, it becomes the only OR in the world in which patients can be scanned in the MR, treated percutaneously or surgically on the angio system, and scanned again in the MR to verify treatment — without ever leaving the table. The breadth of open surgical applications and catheter-based treatments in this environment creates opportunities for multiple departments to collaborate on its investment and to optimize its utilization. With integrated tools and technology for specific clinical applications, the VISIUS Surgical Theatre is a complete Image Guided Therapy Solution.