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Large multi-center clinical data registries have increasingly shown more powerful and efficient methods by which to study and improve patient outcomes across a variety of diseases and conditions. Numerous studies of various iMRI scanners have shown improvement in extent of resection in surgeries for various types of brain surgeries, which lead to improved patient outcomes. Without a patient registry, it is challenging to assess the advantages of iMRI and to demonstrate improvement
in patient outcomes.

In an effort to address this need, IMRIS partnered with neurosurgeon and principal investigator, Michael Chicoine, M.D., from the Department of Neurosurgery at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri on a collaborative, multicenter, multi-year iMRI neurosurgery study. Since 2012, the study has collected and stored data from more than 8,000 brain tumor patients in a database called IMiND® REDCap.

Objectives of the study include:

  • Assessing the clinical impact of the IMRIS iMRI technology on the extent of lesion resection, survival, and other outcome measures across multiple institutions.
  • Establishing best practices to improve the delivery and efficiency of intraoperative imaging procedures.
  • Enhancing the understanding of variability, progression, and natural history of the different pathologies treated with intraoperative imaging technology.
  • Sharing clinical data for presentations and publications for improving application of these techniques.
  • Using the data to facilitate future developments of IMRIS technology.

IMiND offers a convenient and uniform data entry method with secure web-based HIPAA-compliant centralized data storage to help reduce costly data ‘cleaning’ effort during analysis. To date, 11 approved sites and over 8,000 surgical cases have been entered into the IMiND REDCap registry, and approximately half of them are iMRI cases.



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